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It’s difficult to explain how it feels when a reader, exactly the kind of unknown reader you hoped would discover the book, gives a review that completely captures all the enthusiasm for the story and characters that you had when creating it. This happened today when an 11-year-old girl posted her review on Amazon. A friend in upstate New York gave my book to a local librarian who gave it to this young reader. Here’s the scoop from the newest fan of Katrin’s Chronicles: The Canon of Jacquelene Dyanne, Vol. 1:

August 20th – Amazon Reader review:
“I loved all of Katrin’s and Jacquelene Dyanne’s mysterious adventures. There were many surprising parts in the book that I never would have guessed. I liked the action parts with Derek; in fact, he was my favorite character. The creepy parts in the graveyard in Mexico were a lot of fun to read. The part with Great Aunt Alis and her “niece” was scary, then funny, but the ending was gratifying.

Their names were very unique, and I liked that she called her two older siblings “the elder others.” I enjoyed Katrin’s vocabulary because I like learning new words, and it made the book more interesting to me. It was also pretty cool that J. Dyanne was a psychic.

I’m really excited for the next book of this great series.”

Thanks for the encouragement — book two is in the works!

Katrin’s Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne, Vol. 1

posted by Valerie C. Woods
on August, 20

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