African-American Girl Detective Series Gets Release Date

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Independent publisher, BooksEndependent, LLC today announced the August 15, 2013 release through of the first in a series of tween detective novels. Katrin’s Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne written by Award-winning Film and Television Writer Valerie C. Woods. (

“On the verge of entering high school, precociously eloquent 13-year-old Katrin DuBois feels it’s never too soon to start an autobiography. She decides to set the record straight about the outrageous rumors concerning certain adventures that began when she was in sixth grade. That’s when her elder sister, 8th grader J. Dyanne, began exhibiting extraordinary detecting powers.

Set during the latter half of the historically turbulent year of 1968, these African-American tweens live on the South Side of Chicago. They manage to thrive in a world of social change with multi-generational family support, creative quick-thinking and fearless inquisitiveness. The dog days of August find them avoiding downtown and the riots during the Democratic Convention only to become swept up in family mysteries, neighborhood political schemes and a surprising legacy of psychic, even supernatural, talent,” said Woods.

A refreshing addition to the girl detective genre, early reviewers have acclaimed the combined mystery, history and magic realism woven together by an ingenuously delightful young narrator. Katrin enchants us with her chronicle as she follows her grandmother’s advice: “If you don’t write your own history, somebody else will make it up for you.”

Katrin’s Chronicles is bound to be a valuable resource for History and English teachers, an entertaining story for parents to read aloud, and a fun and empowering adventure for young readers! Read an excerpt at

Valerie C. Woods grew up on the South Side of Chicago and is the author of the novella I Believe… A Ghost Story for the Holidays, published in November 2012 by BooksEndependent and Something for Everyone (50 Original Monologues), offered by Samuel French, Inc. Ms. Woods continues to write for the entertainment industry.

Katrin’s Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne, Vol. 1 by Valerie C. Woods
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