Chet Baker: The Later Years,
A Memoir by Artt Frank (Coming in 2017)

Chet Baker: The Later Years

by Artt Frank
(2017) Kindle Edition & Paperback

Coming in 2017 is the much-anticipated second volume in Artt Frank’s insightful recounting of his friendship and musical association with jazz icon, Chet Baker.  This volume chronicles the resurgence of Chet’s career that began in the early 1970’s and their sporadic yet intense collaborations and committed brotherly bond that lasted throughout the remainder of Chet’s life.

In praise of Volume I – The Missing Years – “Noted bebop drummer and Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame inductee [Artt] Frank is able to recreate incidents of his relationship with [Chet] Baker…This detailed recreation provides an insight into a side of Baker that most people never knew (except by way of what came out of his horn): a sensitive, private person whose loves were his music and his family (wife Carol and their three children plus his two sons from a previous marriage). And this book is just as much an insight into the author’s heart as well.” – The New York City Jazz Record