New Promo for Labor Day

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A Labor Day excerpt from the novel:

“As the stifling dog days of summer began to flame out into fall, new stories took over and we were soon left in relative peace. The events during the final week of August gave people something else to talk about.

The big news, shown daily on television, was the rioting down-town. The whole world watched the police battle protesters, pass-ersby and news media with tear gas, mace and clubs. Oh, and there was a political convention going on too.

The Female Teen Elder Other became infatuated with Georgia State Representative, Mr. Julian Bond and was inspired to go over to Grant Park and “get involved.” And though the attractive Mr. Bond held a special place in her heart, the vibes at the Park were much too volatile and she left before any of the day’s rioting start-ed. She was thrilled when he was nominated to be the first black vice-president. But, alas, at 28 years old, he was too young.

Since all media eyes were focused downtown, J. Dyanne and I were left undisturbed while enjoying our last days of preparation for our annual scholastic endeavors. I would be entering my sixth year of study and J. Dyanne, her eighth.

But there was one more hurdle to overcome.

The Labor Day weekend. This meant family gatherings, which could be very trying.

The first of these was the raucous weekly Sat-urday night party, otherwise known as a bridge game, hosted by pater and mater familias.

Relatives from the maternal side of the family attended this bridge game. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends… lots of hearty drinking, eating, signifying and, of course, card playing all taking place under the combined haze of cigar, cigarette and pipe smoke. They were the loudest games of bridge I have ever witnessed.”

posted by Valerie C. Woods
on May, 14