Praise for "Katrin’s Chronicles"

The reviews have begun to come in for the book!

“I could really relate to the girls because they both are smart African American girls and I think that is something girls my age can’t always say they relate to when it comes to some African American girls on television and in magazines. I thought it was really interesting including the events from 1968, especially since it was coming from the point of view of Katrin. I really enjoyed the book!”- Olivia, age 14 (Philadelphia, PA)

“The magical realism of Katrin’s Chronicles read like Isabel Allende for the young adult reader. I enjoyed following Katrin and J. Dyanne through their adventures – and their Southside Chicago neighborhood. Though the place was new to me, the love a hard-working family and the excitement of growing up in such a politically-charged era felt familiar and friendly and fun.” Rosanne Welch, co-author of The Promise

“Katrin’s Croniciles is not a novel—it is an experience. It is the kind of story that can only be written by someone with a deep, knowing love of their characters and an abiding sense of place and time. This is a novel you can fall in love with. The atmosphere, the smells and the sounds of this beautiful world, created by Ms. Woods, is surely a world she has inhabited.
Although the funny and exciting adventures of the two young detectives would seem to be perfect for young teenagers, I also think this world of long ago will be a welcoming and healing place for many adults.” David Man, author of “About Acting…and Surviving the Sharks

posted by Valerie C. Woods
on May, 08